We Call It A Nice Day When...

There's A Huge Solar Energy Spill.

Who We Are

A Team of People For Positive Change.

Partner in crime Wayne De Coteau and Kamaldeep Singh. #StrongerTogether

Our story is simple. Wayne. He’s a man of great charisma. Probably one of the reasons I decided on my new endeavors. To make change.

Our partnership starts as recent as last year. But our bond feels stronger, as if we’ve known one another for years. 

When Wayne walks in the room, you know he’s there for you and your family’s best interest. If what he has to offer, wouldn’t apply to you. He wouldn’t waste his time. 

Me? My name is Kamal. A man of few words. A learner. A teacher. I like to connect people to products and services of great value!

Our Approach

We educate families on their financial options, with solar.

Solar is not for Everyone. However, it’s important that everyone learns about it. If you don’t know all there is to know about your options, then how can we say that it’s not for you?

Qualifying whether or not solar is for you, is a fairly short process. Whether or not you are the home owner. If your electric bill is high enough. And most of all, if you even have enough credit to qualify.

The options are there. You’re here. And we want to be there for you. Building relationships with all our consultations. New friends to say that we were able to help educate on an highly moving cause, to save the planet… and your money. Don’t you want to save money?


— Our Mission

Reduce green house emissions. Save your money. Happiness.


— Our Vision

Our vision is to have solar installed in every home that it makes sense for it to be installed. This would help in further advancing solar technology to a point where most homes may qualify. We want a 0 human-made emissions society. But that’s not possible without you!


— Our Story

My name is Kamal, I’m a recent graduate. My friend and employer, Wayne, is just a kind person. We met not too long ago. Yet, our vision was entangled. We both want to make the world a better place.  Don’t you?