If Only. . .

There Was A Infinite Power Source. Oh Wait. There is! Solar.

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

We’re investors. At Sunnymac, we love to find families who we can help save money. Bring money back into your pockets instead of over paying.


— We Build Relations

Here at Sunnymac, we love to build relations. When you sign up with us. You know Wayne and I will be personal care takers for you and your family!


— We Strengthen

Solidifying existing relationships is part of the job. Money shouldn’t be a problem in any relationship. However, it does have it’s ups and downs. We’d love to help alleviate some of those issues through solar.


— We Educate

Maybe solar, with sunnymac, is not for you. Perhaps you’d like a tesla powerwall. We can help you mix and match addons. If solar doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, then we won’t hassle you by wasting your valuable time.


— We Provide Care

It’s our duty, here at Sunnymac. To provide the highest one on one service. We value your experience. We believe in human to human marketing (H2H). It’s an amazing experience to be able to assist members of society in saving the Environment for our future.


— We Consult

It’s our duty to advise your best course of action regarding your current financial and electrical eligibility. Not just as a sales agent. But as a human being.

What We Care For!

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Making Dreams Come True.

We want you to succeed in life. For you, or for perhaps your family. It is important to us that you get the best out of what you can get. 


Maybe solar isn’t for you. However, learning about solar should be the duty of every responsible adult and child. It is us, who will need to save the planet from green house emissions.


In any country, any ethnicity, There is some form of culture. And with most cultures, we are taught to love & cherish the planet we reside. on.

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Life—in a New World

Green house emissions hurt us. But did you know it could hurt our upcoming children, even more so. This is why it is necessary to go solar now. Not later.

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Sunny Innovation

We want a great world. Even so, we are not there. Our solar panels are still improving. Although we may be the best. There is a long way for solar to be so optimized that it benefits everyone!

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We want a world without us depending on finite an type of finite resource. The sun is inifite. We won’t run out of it.