It's Only Together That

Sunnymac Makes a World Where All Children Are healthy and educated.

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Who We Are

Partner in crime Wayne De Coteau and Kamaldeep Singh. #StrongerTogether

Our story is simple. Wayne. He’s a man of great charisma. Probably one of the reasons I decided on my new endeavors. To make change.

Our partnership starts as recent as last year. But our bond feels stronger, as if we’ve known one another for years. 

When Wayne walks in the room, you know he’s there for you and your family’s best interest. If what he has to offer, wouldn’t apply to you. He wouldn’t waste his time. 

Me? My name is Kamal. A man of few words. A learner. A teacher. I like to connect people to products and services of great value!

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

We’re investors. At Sunnymac, we love to find families who we can help save money. Bring money back into your pockets instead of over paying.


— We Build Relations

Here at Sunnymac, we love to build relations. When you sign up with us. You know Wayne and I will be personal care takers for you and your family!


— We Strengthen

Solidifying existing relationships is part of the job. Money shouldn’t be a problem in any relationship. However, it does have it’s ups and downs. We’d love to help alleviate some of those issues through solar.


— We Educate

Maybe solar, with sunnymac, is not for you. Perhaps you’d like a tesla powerwall. We can help you mix and match addons. If solar doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, then we won’t hassle you by wasting your valuable time.


— We Provide Care

It’s our duty, here at Sunnymac. To provide the highest one on one service. We value your experience. We believe in human to human marketing (H2H). It’s an amazing experience to be able to assist members of society in saving the Environment for our future.


— We Consult

It’s our duty to advise your best course of action regarding your current financial and electrical eligibility. Not just as a sales agent. But as a human being.

Impact Stories

The Charles family

When the panels went up while I was way and I drove back into my driveway. I did not even notice them.

Beerman the Plantman

Before I would have worried about jesus this is going to run our electric bill crazy, so it’s nice to see the sun powering our home. Now there’s a no brainer!